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Factory Tour

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Screen Printing Department

This workshop has 10 employees who use automatic printing machine to print the white fabric in different shape of leaves.

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Die Cutting Department

There are 80 employees in these workshop. In total 85 macnines including 5 Punching Machine, 20 Setting Machine, 10 Oil Mop Machine, 50 Radio-Bone Machine. The leaves printed by the screen printing department are punched out and shaped, and then subjected to bone shooting.

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Assembly Department

There are 50 employees in the workshop to assemble the finished semi-finished materials of the bone shooting according to different trees.

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Tree Assembly Department

There are 25 workers in the workshop to assemble the finished leaves and planted trunks according to the different trees.Make the product into a complete tree

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Packing Department

10 employees to put assembled products into bag and cartons or packed according to customers’ requirements.

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Quality Inspection Department

Our company has 10 QC, inspect prodcut during production, compare samples to check finished product before package. Before shipment, conduct a random inspection on the packaged products to check quality and package of products.

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Shipment Deparment

We have one lorry and driver deliver cargo bulks to Check-In Station.

We also have 10 workers who have 10 years’ experience of loading.